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General Information

Skunks are very shy, with very poor eyesight. Primarily a nocturnal creature, skunks will usually respect a farm with geese, a good dog or feral cat. Your nose definitely knows when a skunk has been around. Both striped and spotted skunks can raid chicken houses. The worst offender in southern California is the striped skunk skunk because it has very strong front legs and can dig like a rabbit to gain access to your home, deck, shed, etc.

Striped skunks suffer from poor vision at a distance of more than 2 or 3 feet. A keen sense of smell enables then to easily locate foods, which vary with the season. Not a particularly swift animal, skunks don't need good distance vision to locate prey species which have little or no mobility. And cannot climb more than a foot and a half.

Lemon Grove is not the only city with a skunk family living in their back yards. The skunk, is the most infamous of smelly critters, with the spraying of eye watering, nasal assaulting musk. The Stripped skunk can  spray musk in defense to larger predators,


The striped skunk is characterized by prominent, lateral white stripes that run down its back. Its fur is otherwise jet black. Striped skunks are the most abundant of the four species. The body of the striped skunk is about the size of an ordinary house cat up to 29 inches long and weighing up to 8 pounds. However, her in Lemon Grove, I have yet to see a critter over 5 pounds. The average skunk we trap and relocate is about 1 pound. The spotted skunk is smaller up to 21 inches long and weighing about 2.2 pounds, more weasel-like, and is readily distinguishable by white spots and short, broken white stripes in a dense jet-black coat. Skunks have short stocky legs and proportionately large feet equipped with well developed claws that enable it to be very adept at digging.

There are 4 different types of skunks: the hooded skunk, the striped skunk, the spotted skunk, and the scarce hog-nosed skunk. The most common of the four is the striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis), which has a sleek black coat with two white stripes down the back and one white stripe up the forehead. Its eyes and ears are small, and although its vision is bad, it has a keen sense of hearing. The white stripes across its black fur can identify the striped skunk. Skunks were once considered a member of the weasel family, and spotted skunks look very similar to weasels because they are much smaller with more narrow faces than most skunks. Only the stripped skunk can be found across in the Lemon Grove County Area. Adult skunks are about two feet long, including a 7- to 10-inch tail. They weigh 3-12 pounds, depending on age, sex, physical condition and time of year. Males on average are 15 percent larger and are heavier than females.

Skunks dig holes in lawns, tear up foliage, eat garden produce. They are also known for being a host for rabies. Skunks often den under houses, sheds, Jacuzzis, decks, and any other opening they can fit through, or dig under. They often die in these locations too. The areas which they enter through, or live in can be as small as a woman's fist. A Skunk can rarely climb anything that is more than a foot and a half high. Finding shelter is one of their top priorities. So, if your house, shed, or the like isn't sealed, or rather not skunk proofed, they will move in and become your newest neighbor. Just what you've always wanted right? LOL...These well adjusted animals have some very bad habits. They can get into your trash, if left on the ground, dig up your lawn (tell tale signs a skunk has been in your yard, is that the holes in your lawn or flower beds resemble that of a small funnel, or cone shape.)

If you have a Skunk in your yard in Lemon Grove , CA, please don't kill it, they are a vital part of mother nature, these wonderful, stinky, cute, black and white Kitty's eat insects, and help control our rodent populations, but the down side to these Stink Bombs is that they also prey on chickens, the occasional rabbit, eat your produce (i.e. fruits, and vegetables, damage beehives, dig under our houses, sheds, Jacuzzis etc.) The best attribute of a skunk is that they also eat spiders...

The striped skunk such as this one in the a (Taken by one of our Skunk Trapping and Removal experts during a skunk removal job in Lemon Grove.)

Our Lemon Grove Skunk Trapping, Control, and Removal Program is TOP NOTCH! AND WE CAN GET RID OF YOUR SKUNKS!!!

We take pride in knowing that we are helping mother nature when no one else will. We perform all kinds of Trapping Services such as: Dead Skunk or Animal Removal, Humane Wild Animal Trapping, Control, and Wildlife Relocation. We also make repairs, install exclusions and of course perform odor removal. Our Damage Control Specialists work hard to make you happy. If you would like to know whether or not we cover your area please feel free to Call (619)370-2761. And we would be happy to answer your questions.

At “SPEEDY ANIMAL CONTROL” we strive to quickly Trap, Capture, Control, and relocate the offending Skunks in the City of Lemon Grove . Trapped Skunks and Wild Animals are humanely released in approved areas far from their capture sites, or euthanized in a humane manner as the situation dictates (i.e. sick, injured, diseased). All Skunk trapping and animal control is done in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Laws. We humanely capture and remove most animals.

If the Removal of these Stripped Skunks must be done, it should only be performed by trained and licensed professionals. In many cases, Skunks and other wild animals cause moderate to severe damage to property. Preventative maintenance is highly recommended to keep those pesky Skunks from returning.

Our Lemon Grove Skunk Trapping, Pest Control, and Removal Service includes:

  • Inspection and skunk removal Assessment
  • Setting the appropriate Skunk Trap (s)
  • Catching any and all the skunk Animals
  • The Removal of the trapped animal
  • If while trapping for the skunk family, a baby skunk gets trapped in one of our skunk traps, and the mother isn’t, we take them to Project Wildlife, or the closest wildlife rehabilitation center and as soon as the mother is caught, we reunite them, and relocate them to a local wildlife refuge.

Repairs and or Preventative Maintenance may be needed to keep those pesky Skunks out, and are not typically included in this particular service. Your Skunk Control Specialist will advise accordingly.

Call Now and in most cases we can have an Damage Control Operator out to you the same day! Feel safe again in no time.  

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